PENTAGON interview + contest! The boys talk new album, touring & forgetting 1 member

13 September 2017
Rookie Kpop group PENTAGON is finally done with their fourth mini album, DEMO_1, and it looks like this is their best one yet! We can hardly conceal our excitement. If you didn't know, all the members themselves were involved in producing ALL the songs on the album!

We got the boys to tell us more about their latest album and what they've been up to lately.

Michelle Ng: How is your latest album going to be different from the previous albums?

Pentagon: We named DEMO_01 as the title of Pentagon's 4th mini-album because, for the very first time, all the songs on it were composed and written by us. We were also involved in the overall album making, from choreography to album jacket photo shoot and music videos. That gave us a powerful feeling because we produced it ourselves, so we decided to name the album DEMO_01. This one has a lot more of our unique flair to it than the past albums.

Tell us more about the concept for DEMO_01.

The title song "Like This" tells a story about young adults in the journey of pursuing their dreams and screaming it to the world. Therefore, the concept of this album is to overcome the challenges together with the young adults in their 10s and 20s who are getting through the storm and uncertainty of their lives. This album was a huge challenge for us too, so that's why "youth" is the concept.

Pentagon - Like This

You were recently in Singapore for a showcase. How did you feel meeting your Singaporean fans?

Firstly, Singapore is farther than we expected. It was a long flight, and we were worried if people so far away would even like us or be there to welcome us.

However, when we arrived, we saw so many fans come to greet us at the airport. They also came to the event to see us perform, so we really had fun and enjoyed it. We want to perform again in Singapore~

Pentagon has also visited Thailand and Japan earlier this year. What's your most memorable experience from touring?

For the first time while overseas, we had some spare time in Japan. We went shopping together and also enjoyed the delicious food there. As it was our first free-and-easy time overseas, it was very exciting and we had a lot of fun. Everything was new to us.

Are there any other countries you wish to visit?

First, we would like to visit the countries that are far away and meet the fans there. Although we had our Asia tour, there are still many other countries in Asia that we haven't been to. We want to visit the Asian countries which we couldn't visit before, and also we want to go to the countries on the other side of the globe and make ourselves known.

When Pentagon isn't touring and making new music, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Each of us is different, but we all love playing games. We have many members here who play games and we also have many members who would watch dramas or just rest. We think it is great just to play games, watch shows and movies during our spare time. Most of the time we play games at home. Our team members don't really go out often, so we usually just enjoy ourselves at home.

There are 10 of you in Pentagon; it must be difficult having so many members! Have there been any hilarious incidents or arguments between you guys?

Once when we had our schedule in Japan; Because we have a lot of members, we always do a headcount before proceeding with our schedule. But of all days, we forgot to do the headcount and went for the filming. Yan An was sleeping in the car at that time. And because we have so many members, even the managers and the staff there thought there must be 10 of us, so they started filming. But after looking at what was captured on the monitor, they found out that there were only 9. So we had to wake up Yan An who was sleeping in the car, and then film it all over again.

It's been about a year since Pentagon has debuted, and you have marked many milestones, like selling out your first concert in 8 minutes. How does it feel to have come so far?

In the future, we want to keep doing concerts and events, and showing you our best. We also want to break the record of our first concert which sold out in 8 minutes. It's our biggest wish to meet many more fans.

What is Pentagon's goal for this year?

Through this 4th mini-album, we faced a lot of challenges in terms of Pentagon's music. This album started out with the concept of the challenges in young adults, and we feel that this album will be able to spread the colors of Pentagon's music a little more. Therefore, our goal is to imprint our views and Pentagon's image much more through our works and activities in the future.

Finally, do you have any words for your fans who have been supporting Pentagon all this while?

Although the gap between the 3rd mini-album and this album was short, we really worked hard in preparing it. I hope this album will be well-received because there is a lot of affection in it. I hope all the fans will like it too. We'll meet very soon. As always, thank you.

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