Spice Girls 'Always Dreamed Of' Their Own Musical

17 August 2012
The anticipation is pretty high for the musical based on the Spice Girls' empowering catalog of tunes. When "Viva Forever" opens in London in the winter, it will mark a moment the ladies have been planning for years.

Mel B told MTV News that with only a few months left to get it all together, the preparations for the show are going "lovely" and she couldn't be any more hyped for the December 11 debut.

"It's been in the works for the last three, four years, so we've all been really, really excited ... to actually [have it] take shape. We all sat there and watched the workshop at the start of this year and watched it all get molded together.

"And then ['Absolutely Fabulous' star] Jennifer Saunders came onboard [to write it and], obviously, ['Mama Mia!' producer] Judy Craymer is producing it and writing it also. You know, it's just lovely," she added. "It's quite special to know that your music is a part of a musical. That's what we've always dreamed of, and it's actually happening from one conversation three, four years ago to actually being in a theater in December, which isn't far away. It's quite amazing."

With previews for the show kicking off at the West End's Piccadilly Theatre ahead of opening night, it's only a matter of time before fans hear what tracks make the final cut. But Scary Spice is hoping to keep it a secret as long as possible.

"I can't really tell you which songs are in it, because I think that's part of the surprise, but I think our songs tell a beautiful story that has nothing to do with the Spice Girls," she said. "It's the essence of friendship and honesty and love, and the actual story line is beautiful. I don't want to spoil it for everyone; if you want to be entertained, if you want to be surprised, you just got to go and see it."

There has been no mention if the show will make its way to Broadway, but considering that smashes like "Sister Act" and Craymer's own "Mama Mia!" all crossed the pond to the Great White Way after runs in London, it's probably only a matter of time before the States get a taste of "Viva Forever."

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