Selena Gomez wants to be Khaleesi – well, who doesn't?

14 September 2017
Selena Gomez thinks that Khaleesi has "killer" taste in hairstyles, but it turns out she's down with her taste in dudes, too.

The pop star/actress/handbag designer chatted with Elle recently, and her current obsession with Game of Thrones came up. She's slowly working through the hit series — which, hey, good, considering she's got over a year until the next season comes out — and is four seasons into her binge-watching. Still, she's picked favorites, and she's definitely siding with House Targaryen.

"I want to be Khaleesi. Who doesn't?" she said. She went on to say that she loves Khaleesi's braids — "They're killer" — and that she's so into the aesthetics of the show that she was considering rocking a gown that wouldn't look out of place in King's Landing.

"I literally went online and tried to buy this beautiful dress that kind of flowed and had a neck that was all sewn together and the details are unbelievable," she gushed to Elle. "I think it's phenomenal — everything about the show is. I sometimes wish we could have moments where we could dress like that. That would never happen. That's not in right now, by the way; I'm just saying they're gorgeous."

Also gorgeous? The King in the North, apparently. "I think Jon Snow is very attractive." Great minds think alike, even if one of them can play mind tricks on dragons and is actually make-believe and all.

- Hilary Hughes

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