Celebrating Women Power with La Femme + TOMGIRL

7 January 2017
Celebrating femininity with a French Touch of electronic pop and folk, La Femme leads the pack with a live debut in Singapore on March 7th 2017 at SCAPE. La Femme which translates to ‘The Woman’ in French, is ironically made up of 5 males and 1 leading lady. Touted as the “future of French rock”, the band has cultivated a unique style of image – emerging a grim-meets-glam genre of its own with vintage influences from the 80s synth wave and 60s glam rock.

Opening the night is the Singaporean noir pop duo, TOMGIRL. Inspired by classic film noir thrillers, motorbike ganglands and insidious femme fatales, the band prepares to showcase its deadly assault of heavy guitar riffs, pounding drumbeats and fuzzy base lines on stage alongside La Femme.

To celebrate woman power, we spoke to these two deeply pro-feminist rock bands who dares to be different on what they feel about the feminist culture and woman empowerment.

1. What is your idea of a powerful woman?

La Femme: An independent woman with a strong character who stays true to herself. Also that assumes her creativity.That provides love and compassion to everyone.

TOMGIRL: My idea of a powerful woman is someone who can lift, in every sense of the word. A woman who is able to lift herself, and the people around her up. She isn’t afraid to go against the archetypal standards of what society puts on a woman.

2. Who are each of your female idols that have inspired you the most and made you who you are today? And why?

La Femme:
Marlon: My mum, Pauline Atlan. She is a famous jazz singer from the High Society Jazz Band and she’s the driving force that got me into music. She pushed me to play the piano and I am who I am today because of her.
Nunez: Martha Washington, the heroin of the comic strip Give Me Liberty.
Sacha: My mum.

Cherie: Grimes is my hero. I’ve seen her go from bedroom pop musician to the charting pop star that she is today and that inspires me to no end. She’s always been a great do-er and believer in the whole DIY spirit. From starting her own label, producing her own tracks, directing/editing her music videos and designing her album artwork. She’s the definition of a modern renaissance woman to me. By taking control of every aspect of her art, she’s built her own empire and become completely self-sufficient.

Ted: I’ve always been drawn to those larger-than-life female personalities that also carry an enigmatic and demure side about them. Björk is the first that comes to mind. She’s the perfect example of a woman doing things on her own terms, both in and outside of music. I can see and hear her influence in just about every popular female solo artist today, from Lorde and Grimes to Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Her music video collaborations with Michel Gondry provided a massive springboard to his future success and really helped usher in a whole new era of music videos.

3. Name 5 things that women should be or should have, and why?

La Femme,Marlon:

1. Staying true to yourself

2. Freedom to do what you want

3. To be fearless, and dares to be ridiculous

4. Be independent

5. Respect yourself

TOMGIRL, Cherie:

1. A ‘power suit’. For me, that comes in the form of a trusty leather jacket and copious amounts of smoky eye shadow. It makes me feel powerful and empowered in my own skin.

2. A gun. To quote Godard, “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.” (Just kidding, kind of)

3. The ability to embrace her sexuality unapologetically, not for the benefit of the male gaze but for herself.

4. To have the freedom to choose whatever role she desires to be.

5. To not let anyone define what she has to be, not even this list.

4. How do you think your band represents the female culture in your country?

La Femme:
Our band represents the female culture with a French touch. It is called La femme as we stand for women’s rights and more. When we travel we like to make crepes to our host, and prepare boeuf bourguignon, and we wear stripes shirts.

TOMGIRL is all for female empowerment and the freedom of expression. We believe in giving everyone a voice to be fearless and strong, and not to be limited by the barriers of what’s right and wrong. We make music about love, aggression, feelings and stuff that makes us human. We aren’t bounded by the political or social landscape in our country, and we will continue to make music that speaks to the broader human condition without a specific agenda.

5. What do you hope to see change for women in the coming years in your country, or around the world?

La Femme:
We hope that all women will have the power of emancipation, and creativity, that they ‘ll be accepted on an equal standing as man in the business.

Through all this aggressive championing of women’s rights in current times, I believe that one day it will all pay off and gender equality will become so natural and commonplace that there won’t even be a need to even talk about it anymore.

La Femme live in Singapore + special guest TOMGIRL
Date: March 7, 2017 (Tuesday)
Venue: SCAPE The Ground Theatre
Get your tickets here!

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