Premiere: Daboyway's 'Fire' music video is a tropical adventure with mystic and magic

15 June 2018

With pulsating beats that power 'Fire', Daboyway's newest hit soundtracks a descent into temptation on a mysterious island.

There are bonfires, hallucinations, and a maddening pursuit of lust and passion in this music video, directed by Phil Tetu. 

DaboyWay - Fire ft. Sunaree

'Fire' was conceptualized as another sure-fire (pun intended) favourite on international and local dancefloors, and with its effortless hook, airy synths, and a catchy chorus delivered by Sunaree, it makes the resulting video all the more alluring — and wonderfully comical. 

In an exclusive premiere, watch the full music video above right now.


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