Foo Fighters, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne Recognise EDM At Grammys

5 December 2011
EDM's road to the mainstream limelight hit a high on Sunday (February 12) when David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Deadmau5 and, most surprisingly, the Foo Fighters joined together at the 54th Grammy Awards to pay tribute to electronic music.

Introduced by host LL Cool J, Chris Brown made his way through a sea of audience members, donning his best Run DMC gear. Leaving the dancing to the crowd, Breezy crooned to the tune of his David Guetta collaboration "I Can Only Imagine" as the DJ/producer jumped behind his turntables set. But the star power didn't stop there: Lil Wayne appeared shortly after to spit his verse of the duet amid the flashing neon backdrop and jumping fans.

Once the song ended, smoke filled the air and the other side of the stage lit up to reveal the Foo Fighters. As they previously revealed to MTV News, the rock group left the dancing to the pros and stuck to what they're good at: rocking out. Marking their second performance of the night, the band performed their single "Rope," before transitioning into Deadmau5's glow-in-the-dark light set.

At the time of the performance, the Foos had already nabbed four awards, including Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album, Best Hard/Rock Metal Performance and Best Long Form Music Video. MTV News recently caught up with frontman Dave Grohl, who confessed that there isn't much of a gap between the Foos' rock and the electronic genre.

"Well, Deadmau5 is maybe the only EDM artist I know because we did a bunch of festivals over the summer, and for whatever reason, he would be headlining over there while we were headlining over here," Grohl said. "I guess people thought that our audiences would split, but our audiences are compatible in a way, because what he does ... rocks."

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