OMG: These detachable Sailor Moon nails are actually friggin amazing!

20 September 2017
There are such limited things you can do with long acrylic nails, but these Sailor Moon nails just took it to a whole new level!

Just take a minute or two to appreciate this piece of art in it's full glory!

These nails are superglued with magnets to make those pretty guardian sailor moon's legs detachable from the body. Just look at how intricate the details are.

Anime fans or not, these nails are to die for!

The person behind all that magic is Wuudy the nail artist from the land of smiles, Thailand! Hit him up for more of that 3D goodness if you're around Bangkok!

And if you're curious on how he goes about his daily activities with those long-ass nails, well, that seems to be nothing to him as he was seen hitting the gym and doing 'everything' with it. We gotta give you props for that!

everyone asks me "how you can do this? how you do that? how you do those?" I do everything. everything is alright

A post shared by wuudy @Taladlungperm (@wuudywondernails) on

Yea for you tho, you can forget about doing lotsa things with these nails on you. But that's totally worth it since you've got KILLER nails now!

He totally NAILED the nail art game! See what I did there?

- Vivian Eu
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