Taylor Swift posted a second snake video & here's what the snake pros think!

23 August 2017
If Taylor Swift wanted to get our attention, she's got it.

After clearing all her social media accounts she returned yesterday with a very cryptic post of a creepy snake tail video. And today she has continued the mystery by posting a second snake video.

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This one is a slightly different angle of the writing, spiked tail but nonetheless it still gives us very little information behind the meaning. And yes we're all still very much lapping it up.

But really, WHAT ARE THEY?

We have ZERO clue. But Billboard contacted two reptile experts what these two videos might actually mean. Auburn University Museum of Natural History Assistant Research Professor, David A. Steen Ph.D., commented that "both posts appear to be computer-generated imagery rather than actual organisms..."

Ruling out other reptiles except the snake, the closest snake species is the venomous African Bush Viper according to Steen– with an ability to kill it's prey with it's potent venom. It may also appear to be another venomous snake, the Hairy Bush Viper according to a reptiles curator at the Black Hills Reptile Gardens, Terry Philip. Whatever it is 'hairy' or not, they both sound scary AF.

And as usual, the internet have stepped in to theorize it all...

Could it be a pointed diss at Kimye? Could it be a marketing ploy to gear everyone up for new music? Or could it be her way of settling the beef with Katy Perry?

Nobody actually knows and of course we will just have to wait and see. One thing that's for sure is this is Taylor Swift's world and we're just living in it.

Hit play to watch our top music video of the week from Chart Attack:

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