Rapper roundup: Daboyway, Abra, Reddy, Bohan Phoenix and Radio 3000 from Yo! MTV Raps episode 3

14 May 2019

Photo of Abra, Radio 3000, Joe Flizzow, Reddy, Bohan Phoenix and Yung Raja by All Is Amazing


With the new season of Yo! MTV Raps upon us, we know it can be a little overwhelming getting to know all these talented rappers from across Asia. Rapper roundup will introduce you to each and every one of the 30+ artists on the show, helping you de-cypher your Youngohm from your YunB and your Basick from your Flowsik.

Episode three features special guest Daboyway from Thailand, Abra from the Philippines, Reddy of South Korea, Bohan Phoenix reppin' China, and Radio 3000 from the US!



Standout single: MHONG

A celebrity in his home country of Thailand, Daboyway made huge waves when he formed rap group Thaitanium, and now he's a distinct and respected name who's gained experience in both music-making and acting. Born and bred in the USA, especially New York City, Daboyway has traversed the world in search of greatness, and all roads led back to Asia.

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The Philippines

Standout single: Diwata

The name Abra evokes awe in the Philippines, not least because of his impeccable rapping skills, but also his ability to craft relatable verses while aiming for the pop charts. His hit song 'Gayuma' stands at just a little over 50 million views on YouTube, and if that doesn't convince you he's no fluke, let 'Diwata' hit you with its realness.

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Bohan Phoenix


Standout single: YMF

An expert at balancing East and West sensibilities, Bohan Phoenix is the rare breed of rapper who understands and melds differing perspectives into his work. Incorporating unabashed street grit with cultural imagery, Bohan takes his life experiences and turns them into tunes ready for endless playlists. As he puts it eloquently in an interview, "I don't want attention just because of diversity; I want my music fresh and tasty."

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Radio 3000

United States

Standout single: Nervous

Hailing from Northern California, Radio 3000 has hit the sweet spot of fresh collaboration and artistic progression in Asia, working with the likes of SonaOne and settling in the region with songs that are hitting big streaming numbers. With his album Bye Bye Hollywood on the way, expect big things from Radio 3000.

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South Korea

Standout single: Stand By You

His debut album in 2013 is titled Commitment, and that's what Reddy is about — dedication to the culture. Making music and crafting hits is his game, and it's evident in his efforts on South Korean variety TV shows, especially Tribe of Hip Hop. With his sleek delivery and bold demeanour, Reddy will not hold back on Yo! MTV Raps.

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Check out the other rappers in the Rapper Roundup series, below – follow them to discover lit new hip hop from across Asia. And stay plugged in to MTV Asia's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a whole lot more of Yo! MTV Raps.



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