Overwatch releases new updates – new map, new hero, PvP and more!

9 January 2018

Overwatch is once again celebrating Chinese New Year with a heap of new content, including new Player v Player (PvP) events, new non-event items in loot boxes, all-new map Blizzard World, and a new Hero.

"There's some pretty significant content that players are going to be very happy with," Overwatch boss Kaplan told Eurogamer. "Long-term, we keep listening to feedback and talk internally about what do we want Competitive Play to feel like, ultimately? Does it take a different shape or form?"

Overwatch will be celebrating the Year Of The Dog for Lunar New Year / Blizzard

Blizzard World has already been put through its paces on the Public Test Realm, which is why Kaplan reckons "that map is one of our best". Unfortunately, he didn't give anything away when it came to Hero 27… although he did tease that the team is "also thinking about heroes beyond 27 as well".

"We are well along the path on Hero 27,' Kaplan added. "We think the Hero is going to be awesome, we think the Hero is very needed. We're not really sure when the release date is. The release date is less important than getting the Hero right. We have the Hero in internal testing."

Blizzard have been teasing Hero 27 / Blizzard

Oh, and if you wondered what kind of changes are being introduced following fan feedback?

"The feedback we always get from the players is, 'We wish you would add more content to the base, non-event loot box.' Coming up very soon, hopefully sometime this month, will be a ton of new content into that base loot box."

"Beyond that, there's a lot of stuff in the works."

- By Vikki Blake @_vixx


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