Kyle Patrick Engages Fans To Pledge For Solo Album

29 August 2011
Kyle Patrick of The Click Five is making a solo album and he wants you to be part of it.

Working with, Kyle is setting up his own campaign for fans to pledge for his solo album. Other than funding the album, a portion of the funds will also be donated various humanitarian shelters in Cambodia that help victims who are trafficked/exploited, and are also supported by the anti-human trafficking organization, MTV Exit. Evidently, this is a personal mission that Kyle has embarked not just for his career, but also for one of the commitments he has personally made to continue supporting MTV EXIT's campaign.

"I had always wanted to make a solo album where I can connect with my fans," explained Kyle.

"When fans pre-order the album via PledgeMusic, their pledges go to the funds that are going to create the album. One of the reasons why I went with PledgeMusic is because they allow you to donate to charity," Kyle continued. "I've been working with MTV Exit for a few years now. So a portion of the funds will go to a couple of shelters in Cambodia. It's been a great project so far. The fans can feel part of this record and they can also help out in stopping human trafficking."

As Kyle has mentioned, working with MTV Exit isn't something new. He and his band, The Click Five, had worked with MTV Exit in the past and have also recently released an exclusive video for the song "Don't Let Me Go" to support the campaign.

"Honestly, we didn't expect the song to get so much attention in such a short amount of time and how it has open people's eyes to the human trafficking issues," said Kyle. "The music video ties into our perception and how we learnt about it. We didn't realize the scale of what's happening till it was brought to us. It has been a great partnership and we would definitely like to work with MTV Exit again."

Fans can log on to and opt for different exclusive pledges to support his music as well as donate to charity. Other than the basic pledge for the physical CD, fans can also choose from a variety of memorabilia such as a handwritten set list, signed vintage glasses to up-close experiences such as private meet ‘n' greet sessions, picnics in the park and even a solo private concert.

"There's a lot of brainstorming that I did with my team and a lot of it is just asking the fans what they want. Most people just want the music, which is also the lowest amount you can pledge for the project. But the coolest thing is that you get to see the making of the album as it is happening. Each fan who pledges gets to see all the videos that I've posted. So they get to see the whole behind-the-scenes of the whole album, which I think is extremely cool," said Kyle.

As detailed on the campaign site, Kyle is in beginning stage of the album, writing and experimenting, playing all the instruments himself. He has blogged about how he would be writing more upbeat and high-energy songs for his solo venture. But just how different will it be as compared to the power-pop offerings of The Click Five?

"Generally, I just want to make a great record," explained Kyle. "I want to write great songs and showcase my voice. I want the songs to be uplifting and positive. I've been writing a lot of music like that. As for upbeat, I just like the energy when we are performing live. Some of the more moving songs that I've written in the past are ballads. So I'm not avoiding them as I do connect with the slower type of songs. There's going to be a mixture of songs but I do want to do more upbeat songs."

The campaign is currently in its last stages of completion and Kyle has put up a preview of his song, "Go For Gold." But of course, fans would have to commit their pledges before the campaign's end date for the full album to materialize.

"The whole idea of this PledgeMusic campaign is for me to raise money so that I can make the album," Kyle continued. "At the moment, I'm playing everything myself and I do enjoy that very much as it makes sense for me to be just able to knock it out when I have an idea. I'm doing a lot more experimentation and using the current technology to come up with interesting sounds and arrangement and it's actually one of the biggest differences from what I have done in the past."

And in Kyle's own words, each pledge helps a lot. To find out more about Kyle's Pledgemusic campaign, log on to For more information on MTV Exit, log on to You can also tune in to MTV Exit's latest documentary, Enslaved: An MTV EXIT Special, that's hosted by Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars, on 17 September, 2011 on MTV Asia at 1:30 PM (SG/HK/PHIL), 2:30am (MAL) to find out more about human trafficking.

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