This Red Velvet fan page creates the most yummy spaghetti fan art

6 December 2017
I love spaghetti, and I love Red Velvet (the Kpop group not the cake flavor), but I never thought I would ever use them in the same sentence.

A huge fan of Red Velvet and spaghetti has dedicated an entire Instagram account, Spaghetti Velvet, to spaghetti portraits of the Red Velvet members. And it looks absolutely delicious, albeit missing a little sauce. And even though the account was created just a couple of months ago, it's already managed to rake up almost 13k followers. Looks like ReVeluv are hungry for more of these girls!

From their latest release, Spaghetti Flavour.

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Is it just me, or is this the most appetising thing in the world?

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Russian Spaghetti. Keojineun heart b-b-beat, can you pass me some sauce?

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There's even an image of the SM Entertainment logo, with the hilarious caption 'Did you know that SM stood for Spaghetti Makers? Neither did anyone else.' YAS, WE SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

Did you know that SM stood for Spaghetti Makers? Neither did anyone else.

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It looked pretty realistic, so we were wondering if someone actually took time to actually arrange the spaghetti - because you'd never know on the internet honestly. Spaghetti Velvet even managed to inspire other spaghetti fan pages for Blackpink and BTS, which is pretty iconic amongst all the other fan art out there.

Chimgetti :))

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Turns out, there's an app you can use to spaghetti-fy your own photos! Just pop your photos into Ostogram, and you'll save yourself hours of immaculate spaghetti arranging. Idea for next Insta post?

- Michelle Ng
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