An Ed Sheeran x Andrea Bocelli collab is the 'perfect symphony' you need this Christmas

20 December 2017
If you were living under a rock when Ed Sheeran released his 'Perfect' duet with Beyonce, you'd better not miss this other 'Perfect symphony' of Ed Sheeran with Andrea Bocelli.This orchestral version of 'Perfect' along with the beautiful blend of Italian lyrics transforms this already perfect song beyond perfection. We won't bother gushing on about how beautiful Ed's voice is harmonized with Andrea Bocelli – you'll just have to listen to it yourself! Even the peeps recording the music video were in awe over how this masterpiece came out.
We wouldn't say Ed's and Beyonce's duet is better or not as good as this, but we can't deny either that our Queen B's voice was kinda overpowering Ed's. Her voice is heavenly, but maybe that duet could've been better if Beyonce did her own rendition?If 'Perfect' wasn't a part of your future/soon-to-be wedding dance playlist, you are definitely gonna play this song on your wedding night. (If you're not getting married, the song is suitable for other days too!)Ed Sheeran shared the song via his Instagram account, which he says was "produced by his super talented brother Matt" as an early Christmas treat for everyone.
You'll even get to hear Ed's soothing voice singing in Italian. Now go have your heart melted 'till it's nice n toasty listening to this 'Perfect Symphony'.- Valerie Wong
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