Sneak peek: Fear Factor contestants grab snakes with their mouth!

25 November 2017
What awaits contestants on the next Fear Factor this coming Tuesday (28 Nov): They have to open wide and bob for snakes.

Yes, really. Check it! (Sorry if you're retching...)

If you thought, "It's just snake," hold your horses – host Ludacris reveals there's a twist to the challenge -- a challenge that wasn't going over well with the competitors in the first place.

Sneak Peek: So Many Snakes

"That's not cute," says one woman, as her boyfriend/FF partner adds, "We don't even go to the snake section in the pet store."

Another gal's reaction: "Oh. my. God."

So what are the specifics of the competition Ludacris calls "Snake & Bake"? Watch the video to find out -- and to see if anyone is victorious (tbh, we think the task is totally impossible in addition to horrifying), catch Fear Factor Tuesday at 8pm (SG/PH) 9pm (MAL) 7pm (WIB) on MTV Asia!

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