WATCH: Topp Dogg’s Hansol just declared his sexuality on Instagram live

22 August 2017
While Korea can be pretty progressive as a nation, Koreans can be quite traditional in their mindsets when it comes to sexual orientation.

Which is why Hansol, from Kpop group Topp Dogg, drew concern from fans when he came out as asexual in an Instagram live video a few days ago.

Hansol confessed, "I have been thinking a lot. I'm asexual. Asexual. I don't like anyone, anybody. I just like myself. I'll probably never get married. I just like my friends and family." You can watch his confession below.

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Someone who identifies as asexual can be described as a person who does not have any sexual feelings or desires.

There aren't many Kpop idols who openly identify as LGBTQA as they are afraid of the backlash, but it seems like Hansol is done dealing with haters.

Earlier this year, Hansol stood up against an Instagram hater who called him gay and faggot in the comments.

It takes major guts to come out, so here's a virtual pat on the back for you, Hansol!

- Michelle Ng
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