Catch these 13 Kpop groups at this year’s Busan One Asia Festival

17 October 2017
[Edited: 17 October 2017, Tuesday. 10:20am (SGT)]: NCT127 has just been announced as one of the groups performing at the Busan One Asia Festival 2017 – joining the previously announced acts BLACKPINK, Apink, Gfriend, ASTRO, Red Velvet, Wanna One and more!

If you are a hardcore Kpop fan, you would have heard of the annual Busan One Asia Festival (BOF). This year, MTV Asia is broadcasting and livestreaming the opening ceremony!

The epic festival in Busan celebrates everything Kpop. Korean food, K-beauty and culture over 10 days with loads of performances, exhibitions and (best of all) Kpop idols. The opening ceremony is always one of the major highlights, the only place to see some of Kpop's biggest names and legendary artists taking the stage together!

This year, the opening ceremony concert will be happening on 22 October, which will be followed by 9 more days of concerts and events, including a Park concert featuring top singers, a Jazz & Busking performance, and a cover dance contest.

Here are 12 solid reasons why you've gotta catch this year's BOF opening ceremony concert.

1. G-Friend

This girl group is full of aegyo and charm that will cheer you up every time you watch them!

2. Apink

Of course Apink's and PANDA's official color would be a pantone strawberry pink. Who's going to be wearing pink to the concert?


Not related to Astro Boy at all, ASTRO is the fresh Kpop group on the scene that we all need!

4. SF9

FNC's first ever dance group, SF9 has only been around for about 2 years but accomplished more than a lot of other artists. They've even been to KCON in New York and sold out pretty much all of their fan meetings.

5. Momoland

The girls from Momoland have big dreams – they want to be long-running idols like SNSD (Girl's Generation) and Shinhwa. Well, we'll have to see about that in 10 years' time, but until then, I think that making it to the opening ceremony lineup for BOF already says a lot for Momoland's future!

6. Nu'est W

The entire Nu'est is on hold because Minhyun managed to make it into Wanna One, but Nu'est W is still performing as a subunit. Can we see a mini Nu'est reunion on stage please?

7. iKON

iKONICs have been waiting ages for their comeback, but I guess we'll just have to settle for this performance first.

8. Blackpink

Dubbed the next 2NE1, Blackpink is a force of nature to watch live. You won't regret it!

9. Wanna One

Missed them on their fan meeting tour in Asia? There will be no shortage of cute and adorable moments whenever Wanna One takes the stage – so we are totally looking forward to this performance!

10. GOT7

Here's us praying that they'll perform some of their songs from their just-released mini-album, 7 for 7!

11. B.A.P.

Their name stands for 'Best Absolute Perfect', so don't expect anything less from them! Seeing as how B.A.P. managed to make it to the BOF opening ceremony stage, they are definitely living up to their name.

12. Sechskies

One of the legendary OG Kpop idol groups has recently reunited – our dreams have finally come true! I don't know how long they'll stay together, so you'd better watch them before they disband (again).

13. NCT127

NCT127 has just been announced as one of the groups performing at the Busan One Asia Festival 2017! If you thought the lineup wouldn't get any better – SURPRISE! We can already foresee the night being a really crazy one!

Are you excited, cos I sure am! Bookmark your calendars for 22 October with MTV Asia, because you'll be able to watch the BOF opening ceremony LIVE at 6pm (SG/PH/MY), 5pm (WIB) on our channel and live-streaming right here on our website!

You don't have to wait until the concert is over to know what went down. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we'll be providing live updates and more exclusive content.

Psst, we've got something else for you guys: WIN!)

– Michelle Ng

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