Just Tattoo Of Us episode 2 teaser will make you wanna cry for this poor lad

5 December 2017
HEY YOU GUYS!!! Did you enjoy the first episode of Just Tattoo Of Us  Season 2? We certainly did! It was ink-credible. #YAAAAS!!!

The brand new series saw skin, ink, tears and Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear sharing a massive slice of cheeky flanter.

We 'ink it was QUITE the rollercoaster! And we got a fabulous new tattoo artist called Jen who gave us srs hair goals...


We watched as emotions ran high between brothers and sisters as tattoo designs left family members ink-censed! #AWKS


OBVS you cannot WAIT to see more dramatic skin scenes, so to cure your itch take an EXCLUSIVE looksie at next week's OMG episode in this spoiler pics and a teaser clip below:

It should be really bad if you something's making a grown-man tear!

Dramamama for days!

They look SHOOK!

Don't miss brand new episodes of Just Tattoo of Us Season 2 every Monday at 9pm (SG/PH) 10pm (MAL) 8pm (WIB) on MTV Asia! And if you've missed out on season 1, binge-watch all the s1 episodes here!

And here's a teaser clip of what's to come NEXT MONDAY. He is F---KED!

Just Tattoo Of Us 202 | OMG this lad's STI crotch tattoo is harsh AF


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