Apink announce super powers and their comeback in “Pink Panda” fan interview

3 April 2017
As one of the most idolized girl groups in the K-pop scene known for their innocent image and sweet style, Apink captivates fans around the world with their superb dancing skills and unforgettable live shows. Their fans are known as Pink Pandas, and here they become the interviewers, asking the girls from Apink about superheroes, food, travelling and – wait for it – their comeback! Thanks to all the Pink Pandas who participated in this MTV Asks interview via Facebook and Twitter!

If you guys were superheroes, what would your super power be, and why?
Fyz Yunus via Facebook
  • Chorong: They aren't exactly superheroes, but I love Charlie's Angels! They are so confident, righteous and attractive role models to me as a girl.
  • Bomi: I would love to be a Superman so that I can fly freely in the sky!
  • Eunji: Catwoman!
  • Naeun: Spiderman is my all-time favourite superhero so I would like to be the one!
  • Namju: I can't think of one right now, but I would like someone who has some good stories behind them or someone who can read people's mind.
  • Hayoung: Ironman! His suit is just awesome!
Apink, if you could come to Latin America, which country would you like to visit?
Aneley Gigena via Facebook
Naeun: Brazil! Their passion and enthusiasm really make me want to visit!
When is Bomi going to create her own Instagram account?
– Kit킷 (@pink_panda419) via Twitter
Bomi: Actually, a lot of fans are asking me this question. I would like to create one one day, because all the other members have it already! Maybe I will on a special occasion, for example… my birthday? Haha!
For all the music videos you guys have done, which one is your favorite?
Sheila Reformado via Facebook
  • Chorong: Mr Chu because of its colours and concept – they were so pretty!
  • Bomi: Mr Chu because I think it could show Apink the most accurately with its pretty colours!
  • Eunji: Cause You're My Star because it is the latest music video that we shot altogether
  • Naeun: Mr Chu because as everyone said, the concept, outfits, choreography and song itself were so nice!
  • Namjoo: Cause You're My Star because I think we could show you a different set of "cuteness"!
  • Hayoung: Mr Chu because I think it was the most Apink style of video

If you could only eat one type of food for one year, what would it be?
– mandy (@euntaekw) via Twitter
Hayoung: Definitely Tteok-bokki (spicy rice cakes with fish cakes) and Dak-bokkeum-tang (spicy braised chicken)! I love them!

What's the next concept? Have the girls ever considered changing their concept to, for example, sexy or dark?
– •ㅅ•‏ (@eunmybae) via Twitter
Chorong: They look great, both dark and sexy concepts. However, I think squeezing sexiness out by force would be very unnatural for us, haha! Maybe we will one day when we've become naturally sexier as we get older?
Which member(s) of the group is/are unable to manage their finance well (wild spender)?
Hanis Shaari via Facebook
It might sound boring, but actually everyone knows when to spend and when not to spend. But if we had to pick one, that would be Chorong!

If you were to sing a Western song other than an Apink song on stage, what song would it be?
– Titi Hartinah‏ (@_titihartinah) via Twitter
Eunji: It's hard to choose only one because there are so many international pop songs that I like. For example, I love Jessie J's "Mamma Knows Best". I would like to try as many as we can!
When will your comeback be?
Alfred Rosal Locsin via Facebook
Chorong: Actually we're in the midst of preparing our comeback and are deep in thought about how we can impress and surprise you this time, so please stay tuned! We won't let you down!

I would love to ask Kim Nam-joo: what is her favorite type of food to have?
Myron Kam via Facebook
Nam-joo: It has got to be kimchi stew – especially my mum's, all-time favorite since I was very young! You can taste the unique spiciness of kimchi and at the same time, it's got a lot of different ingredients which makes it eventually heathy.
If you could, what advice would you give yourself back when you first debuted?
Adam Cho via Facebook
Bomi: I would like to tell myself to take better care of my family and spend time more productively. Actually, even before that, I would like to cheer myself up first and tell her "keep it going!"


For more inside deets on Apink, check out our interview below where we sat down with them in the Philippines for MTV Music Evolution. And stay tuned here for a bonus Apink question asked by SomnolentPanda‏ (@somnolentpanda): if each member were a type of food, what food would they be? We'll share their delicious answer with you soon!

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