#MTVFestivalSeason: 11 Times Drake Made Us Go Weak At Wireless Festival!

6 July 2015
Day one of London’s New Look Wireless Festival was drawn to a spectacular close last Friday night, when Canadian rap superstar Drake hit the main stage, causing the ladies (and gents) of Finsbury Park to lose their s**t.

While hits like ‘0 To 100’ and ‘HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)' had the crowd going cray, there were some moments in the set that took our Drizzy love to a whole other level.

1. When he followed A$AP Rocky’s huge American flag backdrop with his own British flag. It’s nice to show some love for your hosts, y’know?

2. Speaking of which, Drake referred to London as his “second home”, so we’re going to invite him out for tea.

3. When he called the crowd “Finsbury”, before quickly realising that’s not a place, and going with “London” for the rest of the show. Even cool guys make cute mistakes.

4. When he sang ‘Take Care’ without RiRi, so we had to sing her part, and we essentially made sweet music with Drake.

5. When he had fireworks and it felt like the 4th of July on the third. Or Canada Day two days late. Or something.

6. When he split the crowd in two for a good old left versus right singalong. Of course, Drizzy was far too nice to say who won (*ahem* left side *ahem*).

7. When he brought his buddy PartyNextDoor on stage, because it was his birthday, and that’s what friends are for.

8. When he performed ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ and let us get our sexy dance on.

9. Ditto the slowed-down version of ‘Find Your Love’. Which we did. He was on the stage.

10. When he was so excited by his own tunes he made THIS face. Aww, Drake.


Thanks, Drake. Let’s see if Wireless day two co-headliners Kendrick Lamar and Avicii can top that, as #MTVFestivalSeason continues!

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#MTVFestivalSeason: 11 Times Drake Made Us Go Weak At Wireless Festival!


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