Harry Styles talks favorite song in his album, highlights of 2017 and more!

23 November 2017
Every song off Harry Styles's self-titled solo debut album is a work of art — the grand sultry balladry of "Sign of the Times," that addictive base-lines from "Carolina," the tender folk ballad "Sweet Creature," the classic British indie-rock sounds in our fav 'Kiwi,' etc., and we can now finally hear him sing it all live in Singapore! Here's the playlist for a taste of what's to come tonight.

After announcing his very first solo-tour in Singapore early this year (4 March) – with his tickets sold out like hot pancakes – Harry Styles is set to return for a second show next year on 3rd May and this time, its gonna happen at a bigger venue, the Indoor Stadium! Tickets on sale here!

In an intimate press conference that just took place at the Star Theatre, Singapore, Styles opened up about his album and his favourite song from it, 'Kiwi.'

"It's [Kiwi] kind of the one song that sounds much more different live than the album, its the highlight for me," he said. He also spilled about his inspo behind the making of Harry Styles, "It is a combination of things I grew up with and what my parents heard and are listening to at home."

We can't wait for his performance tonight, but we have a few questions for you, Mr. Styles:


Throwback to the One Direction days; Harry Styles would frequently grab a water bottle and soak any fans within fifty feet of him before hurling the empty bottle into the crowd. (In Singapore we don't condone littering, but you're an exception, Harry.) This is a Harry thing and any die-hard Directioner can vouch for that.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Sony Music

It appears that this is gonna be a case-by-case thing as the crowd at Los Angeles and iHeartRadio Music Festival saw showers in his tour in September. We wonder if its gonna happen tonight at the Star Theatre in Singapore.

Ethan Miller/WireImage

Just a look at him – a young and fun man who loves nothing more than to pick up a guitar and a water bottle and make sure both are used to their maximum advantage during his show. If you're catching him tonight in the front seat, you might want to bring your brolly and a poncho.


He is at the midst of his tour and he has never failed to break out a fresh new fancy suit for every show, and y'know; you can't pronounce Harry Styles without STYLE (ha)!

"I want to outfits for the show to feel like what the music sounds like, and to express my music with my clothes," he said.

Floral or bling? We'll only find out tonight. (We are guessing FLORAL!)

Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Sony Music

His roses and blossoms suit at his gig in San Fran in September!

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Sony Music

A familiar one from his show in L.A. and his 'Kiwi' music video and yup, he sure loves his floral prints.


We've seen him bring back a few 1D hits to the stage such as 'What Makes You Beautiful'. We might shed a few tears if he does – bringing back all the good ol' 1D days.

So there it is: the burning questions Stylers are dying to know. It has been one helluva year for Harry Styles – with the start of his MASSIVE solo tour and a new mv for 'Kiwi' from his self-titled album that just dropped. So what's the his favourite you ask? He has revealed the top three moments this year – including his gargantuan globe-trotting tour – are the completion of his solo album, and when he shared the same stage with Stevie Nicks at his secret show back in May at The Troubadour, Los Angeles. Ahh, how far he's come…

He also revealed that his second show here in Singapore next year will be bigger and better! Bigger splashes maybe? Here are some deets to his second concert here in Singapore:

Event Information
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets on sale – click here!

If you're on your way to his gig right now, get ready to be charmed by his music and those deep-set dimples *swooning*.

- Vivian Eu

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