Taylor Swift Takes Us On A Home Tour And Overcomes A 'Fear'

20 April 2016
This morning, Vogue released its latest edition of “73 Questions,” starring Taylor Swift. In addition to giving a look around her L.A. home, Taylor does, in fact, answer all 73 questions, revealing a lot about Taylor that we never knew before, like that she’s bored of clickbait. Or that she can’t do a handstand.

One of the answers most deserving of our applause and attention, though, is that Taylor recently conquered one of her greatest fears — Coachella.

When faced with the question “What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try but been too scared to do?” (it’s around 5:39), Taylor quickly replies, “Oh, Coachella.” As we all know by now, Taylor not only went to Coachella last weekend, but, like, became a Coachella expert.

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Congrats, girl. You faced your fears and triumphed.

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