As part of their “The End of the Dream” Asia Tour 2013, the legendary Japanese rock band LUNA SEA will be holding a concert in Singapore for the first time on February 8, 2013 at The Star Theatre.

Marking the band's full return to the Japanese music scene, LUNA SEA will be touring in and outside of Japan from November 2012. Singapore will be their last stop after Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

In 1998, LUNA SEA had sold over a total of 2.5 million CDs in a single year. With “I for You” as the theme song for the famous Japanese drama "God, Please give me more time!”, LUNA SEA's popularity spread overseas, leading to their first Asian tour in 1999. Despite the decade long hiatus since their disbandment in 2000, their reunion tour in 2010 drew over 200,000 participants worldwide.

Having pioneered the development of Visual-Kei genre, LUNA SEA is considered one of the most successful rock bands in Japan. They are also recognized for their distinctive music and costumes since their early days and has strong influence over both music and Cosplay scenes in Japan and overseas.

A dream come true for the “SLAVES” (LUNA SEA’s official fan-club and term used among fans) in Singapore, tickets are priced at S$238, S$168 and S$128 and are available for purchase online at or at all authorized SISTIC outlets.

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