Backstreet's Back... To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

20 December 2013
Growing up in the '90s, there was one very important decision you had to make early on: Team Backstreet Boys or team 'NSYNC? I was — no questions asked — team BSB.

For years I would watch them on "TRL," argue with my younger sister over who was the cutest member — she picked A.J., I picked Nick — and saw them in concert more times than I could possibly count.

I constantly ran over in my head what I would say to the boy band if I got the chance to sit down with them, and that opportunity finally came up this year when the fivesome stopped by MTV News. Since it's so close to the holidays, we decided to have a little fun and decorate a Christmas tree in our MTV News studios.

The boys sauntered in sporting their best Christmas sweaters, grabbed some ornaments and started trimming the tree, all while telling me about their holiday traditions. But in true BSB form, things started getting a little out of hand. Candy canes were broken, songs were sung and things other than the tree got decorated.

But in the end, the "Show 'Em (What You're Made Of) made my dreams come true by giving me a kiss under the mistletoe. Check out the video and watch a true Christmas miracle come to life.

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