During Thursday's "MTV First: Lady Gaga," we learned that the Mother Monster is set to open the 2011 Video Music Awards on August 28. While Gaga hasn't yet revealed what she has planned when the show takes place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, she did say that all her performances — including her 2009 VMA set — relate to each other.

"I would say that my life is one continuous performance," Gaga told MTV News. "And that, in a way, all performances of mine relate to one another. And you will not be disappointed."

Two years ago, Gaga first appeared on the VMA stage and left everyone stunned when she ended her "Paparazzi" performance by seemingly bleeding to death onstage. "I'll just never forget when I spoke with MTV for the first time and I explained the whole performance with them, and I remember the second that I finished, it was crickets," she recalled of her pitch to executives.

It wasn't just MTV who needed a second to digest her spectacular idea: Her label wanted to confirm that she was cool with the idea of "dying" onstage in front of her peers and the world. "I said, 'You know, I imagine that my pop career could be quite long and people will wonder for a very long time what my demise will look like, so why don't we show them?' "

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