Best of BTS: The K-pop group's 7 most adorable interview moments in the UK

15 October 2018

BTS conquered the US in 2017 with their first ever televised performances, interviews, concerts and much, much more. Where's next for the K-Pop superstars?

Luckily for us, our favourite boys — V, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga — decided to make a long-awaited visit to the UK for a round of interviews and performances, including a televised appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

They performed 'Idol' on the legendary chat show host's stage before sitting down alongside Jamie Dornan and Whoopi Goldberg to let the UK know what's good and let anyone who's not in the know who they are.

The interview had some cute AF moments — no surprise there! — just like their other UK interviews have, and every interview they've ever done, basically, so we've decided to round up their cutest moments for the army.

Let's go!

When Jin blew us a kiss


J-hope being flawless

Seriously, how can one person be so damn cute?!

Jimin giving Suga a massage

No, we're not crying! You're crying! A supportive massage when Suga is put on the spot to say something. Ugh, Jimin is the sweetest.

When they all got offended

OMG. Our hearts! When Jimin joked he didn't have any friends during an NME interview and the rest of the gang jumped to their defense to make sure he knew they were his besties. Maybe it's because he counts them as brothers? Wait, sorry - we didn't mean to get you too emotional.

Their "we're on the cover of Time" dance

Because… that is a pretty huge deal.

When Jimin met Jimmy

Jimin and Jimmy Fallon hugged it out when the television host got to interview them earlier this year. Ah, BFFs!

Their "we're on Jimmy Fallon" dance

When Jimmy Fallon interviewed them in September 2018, they sure made an entrance. Why walk on stage when you can dance on? Right, guys?

We're sure there'll be many more cute AF moments like this in the band's upcoming Asia tour, and we absolutely cannot wait to watch as many times as we can.


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