Here’s the lowdown on Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, and (arguably) their biggest edition to date

7 August 2018

12 years into their existence, the organizers behind Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival seem to be stepping up to the plate every year.

Established in 2006, the three-day event has the utmost distinction of attracting top-tier headliners in the world of rock music, programmed in a line-up that strongly endorses domestic talent as well.

In its first year, it featured the likes of The Strokes, Placebo and Franz Ferdinand alongside notable Korean names like Jaurim, N.EX.T, and Psy (note: six full years before he would blow up the Internet with Gangnam Style).

In 2018, Jaurim returns as a Day One headliner.

South Korea may be reputed for its domineering K-pop industry, but Pentaport is proof the country is alive in the sound of fuzz.

The festival mines from the country's rich history of rock music, and its annual line-up is like nothing you'll see in the rest of the region.

This year, not only will fans see the return of established names like Jaurim, Pia, and The Koxx, it will also feature the newer, exciting names in Korean rock, like Hyukoh, Glen Check, ADOY and DTSQ.

While rock music may be taking a bit of a breather away from the radio charts, Pentaport's line-up shows it's absolutely alive and well — and still a fiery global movement.

They've roped in exciting talent from neighbouring Japan in the form of Suchmos and never young beach — two acts that are equally versatile, with Suchmos' Jamiroquai-leaning jazz inflictions and never young beach's unyielding summery vibes, both perfect for the current Incheon climate.

If you crave something much heavier, there's also the classic metal stylings of Loudness and the electronic-infused metalcore breakdowns of Crossfaith: both sure to conjure a wild and primal moshpit.

But, as with the music of the times, Pentaport offers diversity in sound that's represented by Mike Shinoda and his new solo material, the viral electronic-R&B duo Marian Hill, the Britpop revivalism of Starsailor, 2000s radio rock wonders Hoobastank along with pop group Walk The Moon and electro-house geniuses The Bloody Beetroots. Rave or rock out, it's up to you. Or both. *winky face*

And, lastly, the headliners: it's really something to attract industrial rock legends Nine Inch Nails to your hometown (for the fourth time, to be specific), but to put them alongside elusive shoegazers My Bloody Valentine is a feat worth for the history books.

The latter are currently touring the world after a five-year break, and Nine Inch Nails return to the city with brand new material, ready to bring back their patented state-of-the-art live show to Asian audiences. For My Bloody Valentine? Be prepared with earplugs to withstand their impenetrable walls of noise.

That's an exhaustive list on its own, but the line-up offers a hefty amount of acts on top of all of this. Head over to Pentaport's official site to get the lowdown.

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2018 is set to happen from August 10-12 at Pentaport Park, Incheon, South Korea. 


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