Gucci Mane is making a book of fan mail he got behind bars!

20 September 2017
As of today (18 September), Gucci Mane can add "published author" to his already-stacked résumé, as his autobiography is officially out in the world. Written during his three-year stint in an Indiana federal prison, The Autobiography of Gucci Mane traces the rapper's rise to fame, from the streets of Atlanta and beyond.

Speaking to MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson, Gucci said he read the autobiographies of Mike Tyson and Johnny Cash for inspiration. He initially started writing as a way "to kill time" in prison, but putting his thoughts on paper ended up helping him tap into a new vein of creativity.

"I learned that I can be more than a rapper," Gucci said about working on the book. "I really feel I have a future in writing books if I wanted to do that. It came easy, it's really easy."

Gucci Mane Talking About His Autobiography

While Gucci will surely take some time to celebrate the release of his first book, he's already looking ahead to the next one, which will involve some of his most dedicated fans.

"While I was writing this book, I had compiled all my fan mail. I wanted to just make a book of all my fan mail I received in prison, because [there were] some amazing letters I received," he explained. "Inspiring ones, funny ones, informative ones where people were telling me, 'This is the hot artist when you get out' or 'This is the hot producer you should collaborate with.' Even with 21 Savage, people wrote me like, '21 Savage paid homage to you and did a Free Guwop mixtape.' All these things I was learning from the mail in prison.

"I was like, 'It might be good if I just saved all these letters,'" he continued. "So I saved them and that's my second book that I'm kind of planning to drop. I feel like it's interesting — I've never heard nobody do that before."

In the meantime, Gucci's also gearing up for his wedding and for the release of his 11th studio album, Mr. Davis, which arrives on October 13 and which he calls the "audio version" of his book. He's clearly a busy guy, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

"The autobiography, the wedding, new album... it's just a lot," he said. "I'm blessed. This has been one hell of a year."

- Madeline Roth
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