8 things you need to know before dating a die-hard Kpop fan

11 September 2017
So what happens when you find yourself dating a Kpop fan?

It might seem like a foreign world, because Kpop fans seem so much more INTENSE than other fandoms.

Don't worry– that does not happen that often...

If you have ever dated a hardcore Kpop fan, we're pretty sure that you've experienced all these things at least once before. And it has annoyed the hell out of you.

1. Do we really need to collect every single album, including the repackaged versions?

Um duh. And when I say every album, I really do mean every. single. album. I don't know what I'm going to do with 20 EXO 'THE WAR' albums, but I WANT IT. Don't make me choose.

The ridiculous shipping fee is totally worth it if I can get to hear their songs first! Plus photocards! And photobooks! And whatever free gifts that come with it is gonna be limited edition too. It's the best deal.

2. Finding their bias' faces everywhere, on EVERY SINGLE OBJECT.

If I can't get the real thing, I am going to buy literally everything that has my favourite Kpop group on it. So that I can stare into their dreamy eyes whenever and wherever I want.

I'm talking folders, key chains, caps, tumblers, shirts, notebooks, magazines, character figurines, thumbdrives, towels, and playing cards.

Telegram/ Line stickers? I've got the SHINee emoji pack. And the BTS one. Regular emojis ain't gonna cut it.

And yeah, that name tag with Korean characters isn't really my name. It's actually my bias'. If you don't know what bias means, it's a person's favorite member from a group.

3. Concert tickets, not flowers, are the best present you could ever give

Chances are you both don't live in Korea. Which means that whenever a Kpop group comes to town, tickets are in hot demand. Not to mention expensive.

But you get to breathe the same air as your idols! Imagine being able to shake hands with GOT7 or Wanna One! *Screams internally*

Time to start to calculating how many meals you need to skip get that Cat 1 ticket. Or you can just stop buying flowers and buy me a concert ticket instead.

4. You don't understand why they also need a $20 lightstick for a two hour concert.

Pretty much all the idol groups have their own specially designed lightsticks, which comes in their fan colors or logos. Sometimes lightsticks can cost up to $40 and don't last more than a couple of concerts, but it won't stop us from buying them.

Lightsticks are a means to define the idol group's identity, especially in a concert with different groups performing.

Plus when the lights are off, the fan oceans alight with lightsticks is simply beautiful. Especially from the stage. Can you see us, oppa?

5. Not understanding any of the lyrics, even when it's in English.

Our idols don't exactly have the best lyrics writers when it comes to English (I'm looking at you, SM).

But even then you just simply do not get why they keep singing in a language they don't even understand.

Let me put this into perspective, it's like singing Despacito. We are probably getting 99.99999999% of the lyrics wrong, but hey you can't blame us for trying. The songs are just too addictive!

6. Is there really a need to call you oppa too?

Our chances of calling our idol oppas to their faces are so low we need to somehow live out our inner Korean dreams. And what better than to do it with than with someone we love?

You might get irritated, but 'oppa' is also used as a sign of affection by Koreans. You should be happy that we think you are worthy of being called oppa!

7. Get ready to continuously ask 'Is that a girl or boy?'

Kpop idols can be rather androgynous, like Ren from NU'EST. And yes, a lot of the male idols wear make up as well.

Sometimes the boys are so pretty, you start questioning your own masculinity. WHY do these boys look so good?

But just because we love seeing our idols cross dress, it doesn't mean we expect you to start cross dressing too! We like you just the way you are. But we also like looking at our idols. *Swoons*

8. Accepting that you cannot compete with their bias. Ever.

Ultimately, you'll reach the conclusion that no matter what you do, you'll never be able to compete with their bias. Seriously, are you asking them to pick G-Dragon over you? Fat chance.

The faster you come to this conclusion, the better. Our idols will always hold a special place in our hearts!

And yet we wonder why some people think Kpop fans are crazy.

- Michelle Ng

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