A Feisty Singer, A Head Of Hair For Charity

14 March 2012
Making the last stop on her South East Asia Tour, Jessie J drew 4,700 fans around the region to Singapore for her concert, staged at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on March 20, 2012.

Loud applause and cheers welcomed Jessie as she made her entrance at the press conference held before she took the stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It was there that Jessie was presented with a special plague (featuring a Chinese instrument, the Er Hu) for her Platinum album achievement for ‘Who You Are’ in the South East Asia region. She also unveiled her witty personality and shared bits of her personal life with members of the press.

When asked about guys possibly being intimidated by what they see in her music video for the song “Do It Like A Dude”, Jessie gave a feisty response saying, “Probably, but I don’t really care! The whole point of that song was to make an impact and get people’s attention. And I definitely think it did that.”

She explained that the song was written after an experience at a club. She wanted to address existing social stigmas and show that rights are not dependent on gender through “Do It Like A Dude”.

“It’s not fair, it’s not equal standing. It was kinda like my middle finger up to the industry to say, ‘We can do it just like you.’ In the song, I’ve never once said, “I hate men”. It’s just, everyone can do it the same, you know? We can all grab our crotches and wear our hats low. Not all the time, when it’s appropriate.”

Jessie J
Photo Credit: Amos Wong

(For more photos from the press conference and concert, click here.)

If you think that was booming, hold your breath. Jessie broke some more huge news and also shared some fun facts with the press.

Being a person who loves “doing stuff” for charity, Jessie revealed that she will be shaving her head and selling her hair for charity later this year. “I’m probably going to be bald next time I’m here in Asia! But I’m excited to be able to raise money for people who need it more than I do,” she humbly confessed.

Besides being passionate about music and being charitable, Jessie profoundly closed the press conference by sharing where she gains her inspiration for her songwriting: “My life isn’t dramatic enough for me to draw from me. So I start drawing them from people close to me. A three and a half minute song shouldn’t represent everything. It should just be an exaggeration of a moment that existed. It’s moments that you don’t expect to happen, that do, that make music interesting.”

With that, she went on to rock the stage at her concert. Singing a set list of 15 songs, most off her Who You Are album, Jessie did more than just entertain - She deeply engaged and drew her audience in.

The highlights of her concert include: An impromptu tune she made up to get the crowd to put their phones and cameras away to fully engage in her heartfelt song, “Who You Are”, where she took a moment to shed a few tears as she missed her family, inviting two of her fans up on stage to sing “Price Tag” with her, getting every member in her band to sing a line of “Laserlight” and inviting the entire crew on stage for the finale “Domino”.

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