10 things Kpop fans are really sick of hearing – as told by GIFs

10 October 2017
If you are a fan of Kpop and you aren't Korean, you probably would have been questioned about your music tastes more than once. It's almost like people are judging you for liking Kpop music. If that's the case, are English songs only for Americans?

I blame all those crazy K-fans that give the entire Kpop fandom a bad name. After a while, you'll realize that the comments are more or less the same, and all about the same thing – why do you love Kpop so much? Cue: eyerolls and sighs of frsutrations.

Here are 10 things that we Kpop fans are sick of hearing.

1. "I listen to K-Pop too! Gangnam Style is my favorite song."

2. "They all look the same."

3. "He/she is only good-looking because of plastic surgery."

4. "Do you even understand what they are saying?"

5. "Oh you listen to Kpop? You must like xxx." because we know all the kpop groups.

6. "Why do you listen to them?"

7. "You know it's totally fake and manufactured, right?"

Um, just because they were trained doesn't mean they don't have talent?

8. "Why is there so many members?"

Maybe that's why concert tickets are so friggin expensive.

9. "So that must mean you love Korea a lot too. Have you been there?"

10. "I can't even tell if that's a girl or guy."

We should love and recognize all talented musicians, no matter where they are from or what language they speak. So PLEASE let us just enjoy our Kpop in peace; we are not embarrassed about our love for Kpop at all!

- Michelle Ng

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