6 Restaurants Owned By Kpop Idols To Visit On Your Next Trip To Korea!

15 September 2017
It's not a secret that being a Kpop idol doesn't really pay well.

It's all their other ventures that really make the moolah, and restaurants are a popular choice amongst Kpop artists. Cos everyone has to eat, right?

Here's the lowdown on why restaurants or cafes owned by Kpop idols are the best. You never who might pop up – other idols, or even the idol himself! Better yet; they might even be the one serving you.

The person manning the store would also most likely be related to the idol, and if you are lucky enough to strike a conversation with them, you might even get some personal updates (it has happened a lot). Time to brush up your Korean!

1. Haha - Loco Quan 401

Haha is a rapper, but he shot to fame after being included as a permanent cast member on Infinite Challenge and Running Man. Infinite Challenge and Running Man members have also been spotted at the BBQ restaurant, including Haha himself. If you are truly lucky, you might even get Haha grilling your meat! Otherwise, just enjoy the reggae-inspired BBQ joint and snap a picture with the Haha standee.

Where: Myeong-dong, Seoul

2. Big Bang's G-Dragon - Cafe Aewol Monsant

When GD wants to do something, he goes all out. A café in Seoul won't cut it, Cafe Aewol Monsant resides in Jeju Island, Enjoy a good ol' cup of coffee in a stylish, rustic café with oceanic views. And if the stars align, you might even meet the star and his friends!

Where: Jeju Island

3. PSY - Modern Bapsang

If you can't get enough of the Gangnam Style sensation, then you need to pay a visit to his restaurant! Run by PSY's mother, you'll be able to try out various local dishes with a modern twist. Pop by after shopping in Garosugil.

Where: Seoul

4. Big Bang's Seungri - And Here

The adorable maknae of Big Bang has certainly been busy these past couple of years; he's done pro-fighting, has his own label full of DJs, owns a lounge bar… It should come as no surprise that he has his own café too! Run by his mother, And Here now has two branches in Seoul and Busan. Both cafes are full of Seungri's memorabilia, and also has its own line of merch for you to take home as souvenirs if you don't run into any Big Bang members.

Where: Seoul and Busan

5. Block B's Zico - Yogorino

Zico has an ear for good tunes, but he also has good taste in desserts! Zico runs a franchise of Yogorino, a Japanese yoghurt brand. Besides yoghurt, there's also ice cream, coffee, cakes, and a signed wall by Zico himself. All we need is the rapper to serve up our order!

Where: Mapo-gu, Seoul

6. EXO's ChanYeol – Viva Polo

Chanyeol is a proud owner of one of the branchesof Viva Polo. Yes, there are other branches all over Seoul, but take note to go to the Gangdongu branch at Myeong dong to get a chance to spot Chanyeol. And maybe other EXO members! Say hi to Chanyeol's mother and his standee outside the restaurant, and enter to pay homage to the EXO shrine inside.

Where: the Gangdongu branch at Myeong Dong, Seoul

BONUS: GOT7's Bam Bam – B'Chill

Traveling to Korea is not always an option for many of us, so just in case you find yourself in Bangkok, you might want to visit Bam Bam's café.

On the opening day, ahgases were served by Bam Bam himself! But now that he's busy with his own schedules, it might be hard to catch him there. Bam Bam's mom, a huge lover of Kpop, now runs the café in Bangkok, so say hi if you stop by. Other Thai personalities who are close to Bam Bam might also drop by, or maybe anyone from GOT7?

Where: Chang Wat Samut Prakan, Bangkok.

- Michelle Ng

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