BTS will bring the Love Yourself experience to cinemas this month

17 January 2019

Come Saturday, BTS will play their biggest show in Singapore, set to take over the National Stadium in front of a sold-out crowd of 50,000. Not every country will be lucky enough to witness the globetrotting K-pop group in person, but an upcoming film release may alleviate many FOMOs.

On January 26th, BTS World Tour Love Yourself in Seoul, originally premiered in December 2018, will be given a wider release in 3,800 cinemas across 95 countries.

As reported by Billboard, each ScreenX-equipped cinema will allow viewers to experience the film via "a 270-degree, panoramic viewing experience utilizing both the center and side walls of movie theaters."

If you're missing out on the BTS concert in Singapore, there are at least three Southeast Asian countries with ScreenX cinemas: Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

So make some calls with your local operator to check if they're screening it — online booking is already available for fans in Jakarta, so if you're hoping to beat the crowd, here's your chance.

Or, if you can find your way to a ticket, get prepped for an actual BTS concert happening in Bangkok on April 6th.


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