Super Show 4 - Super Junior World Tour 2012 Makes Its Fourth Stop In Singapore

5 December 2011
Making their first stop in Southeast Asia for the Super Show 4 World Tour 2012, hot Korean boy-band Super Junior drew more than 11,000 fans around the region to Singapore for two sold-out concert shows, staged at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on February 18 and 19, 2012.

And before the boy band took the stage on Sunday (February 19, 2012), the members – Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun - unveiled jovial and comical characteristics as they talked about being in Singapore at the press conference held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, while a $2-million-dollar stage set awaited them.

Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk

(For more photos from the press conference and concert, click here.)

“Every time we visit Singapore, we feel that it is such a beautiful country with lots of things to see so we always want to come here to travel. Not on a show or tour, but just to travel. We had lots of pepper crab which is one of our favorite Singaporean dishes and we really, really love it!” said ring-leader of the group, Leeteuk, who led the band like a well-rehearsed troupe during the photo opportunity with members of the press.

And don’t be surprised if pepper crabs become the next big thing in Korea. Leeteuk jested, “We want to bring the dish back to Korea and launch the dish back home as well!”

Journalists at the press conference also quizzed the boys with fun questions such as whom they would be, if they could be another member of the group for a day. Confident Shin Dong revealed that he would choose to be Ryeowook for his clear singing voice, as well as his nice abs.

Ryeowook took to the mic and said, “But I want to be Shin Dong! Shin Dong has a big appetite and if I were him, I’d be able to eat as much as I can. Plus, I think Shin Dong is very handsome.” Talk about mutual love and support within the group!

Although leader Leeteuk is due to enroll into the army soon, he affirmatively said, “This is not the end. The rest of the boys of Super Junior will continue and I will join them again once I complete army. We will be back for another show!”

All in all, Super Junior’s simple wish for the year as a band is “to be the stars that are able to bring hope and to be the ‘happy virus’ to (their) fans and to everyone who listens to (their) songs.”

Heartthrob Siwon closed with a heartfelt note saying, “This is what we wish for. We will definitely strive even harder to achieve that.”

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