BTS Joins Barack Obama, Harry Styles, Katy Perry and More in Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr

5 April 2018

It's not every day that you spot a Kpop act in a video with Barack Obama, Harry Styles, and more than 70 other amazing artists, athletes, entertainers and world leaders – but that's exactly what happened when BTS joined in the launch of the legendary Stevie Wonder's "Dream Lives On" project.

"Dream Lives On" marks the 50th death anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr., whose iconic "I Have a Dream" speech (below) has inspired the fight for rights and equality across the globe.

In the video, some of the world's most influential people talk about their own dreams for future, and the boys at BTS were part of this star-studded lineup with something to say.

BTS shows up at around the 54-second mark (right after The Chainsmokers), and their dream is simple, yet powerful: "That people love themselves". 

Here's what some of the other celebs in the video had to say:

Michelle Obama: "The dream still lives."

Barack Obama: "And our dream is a world where we recognize each other's common humanity, and that we shape for our children peace, justice, and opportunity for all."

Megan Nicole: "My dream is for everyone to know their self-worth."

Mariah Carey: "That all God's children are proud of who they are."

Katy Perry: "More acceptance, and more tolerance."

Samuel L. Jackson: "That when we play the race card, it's the HUMAN RACE card."

Demi Lovato: "My dream is that society will break the stigma surrounding mental health."

Sir Elton John: "A world free of AIDS."

Janelle Monae: "That those in the position of power stop abusing it."

Chadwick Boseman: "That our youth will reach their full learning potential, without the threat of gun violence."

Charlie Puth: "For people to continue inspiring other people."

Harry Styles: "My dream is: everyone is just a little bit nicer to each other."

SZA: "To spread love, hope, and possibility."

Andra Day: "For Dave Chappelle to do another Rick James skit." (LOL)

Sir Paul McCartney: "My dream is for everyone to live together in harmony."

There's over 50 more inspiring messages from amazing people in the full video, so make sure you watch the whole thing. You can also join in on the fun by uploading your own video with the hashtag #DreamStillLives, and help Stevie Wonder and the rest of these artists spread love and hope throughout the world.

Visit for more info, and for a full list of everyone in this awesome video.

Watch the original speech by Martin Luther King Jr:

— Marco Sumayao


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