Maroon 5 Go Retro In New 'Moves Like Jagger' Video

10 August 2011
Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera are taking viewers on a nostalgic romp through the '70s in their new video for "Moves Like Jagger." The four-and-a-half-minute clip, which debuted Tuesday (August 9), takes place at the historic L.A. Theatre and, as the song title suggests, features a lot of people trying to move like Mick Jagger.

The Jonas Ã…kerlund-directed clip opens with black-and-white footage of the theater, shots of work crews assembling lighting and equipment onstage and groups of extras getting into costume, warming up for a shoot. This is followed by classic footage of Jagger, during which a reporter asks the iconic Rolling Stones frontman how long he plans to make music.

"I don't know. I never thought I'd be doing it for two years even," a young Jagger says, as the opening whistles of the Maroon 5 song kick in, throughout which a slew of Jagger look-alikes are shown dancing up to a central microphone, interlaced with archival footage of Jagger himself and shots of bandmembers James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, Michael Madden and Matt Flynn rocking out on their instruments. Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine eventually takes center stage to start singing wearing nothing but snug-fitting polyester pants and his colorful tattoos.

True to its name, the video is mostly a mash-up of people trying to move like Jagger, including Levine. When Aguilera makes her brief appearance, she fits right into the retro feel with mascara-heavy lashes and a floppy hat. We don't see her Jagger moves, though.

For the eagle-eyed fans out there, watch out for the cheeky "Who the f--- is Mick Jagger?" T-shirt Levine and several extras sport at various moments in the clip. For Levine and his bandmates, the song and video are all about exposing a new generation to the rock legend.

"We were lucky enough to get Mick's endorsement [for the video], as far as him giving us access to a bunch of different footage that's so cool," Levine told MTV News when we visited the video's set last month. "Not many people have seen [it], especially a newer generation of people that don't know so much about how incredible he was."

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