Taking Back Sunday have “forged a bond that is pretty unbreakable”

16 January 2019

Aside from the tear-stained teenage anthems they're known for, Taking Back Sunday have sustained a solid fanbase over their 20-year run so far, with a steady stream of albums that have grown in lustre.

The band's four members, most of whom have performed on every album release, may not be no longer the invigorated 20-somethings who brought to the world songs like 'Cute Without The 'E'', 'A Decade Under The Influence' and 'MakeDamnSure', now staples of emo-themed DJ nights.

But they possess as much poignancy and urgency today, along with solitary wisdom that they've acquired over the years.

The band will be performing in Singapore on January 19th, celebrating the hits they've achieved over the past two decades, and we speak with bassist Shaun Cooper on the growing with their audience, performing in Asia, and more.

The band is turning 20 years this year! There's so much to ask about this, but the first question is: do you feel older?

I definitely feel more mature and relaxed. I think I have a greater appreciation for the band than I did in the early days. I really love creating music and sharing a stage with Adam, John, and Mark. It's a very special thing.

Like a lot of your contemporaries, your early music was powered by a youthful energy that took to heart all the kinks and bruises that comes with growing up. Which album from that era means the most to you and why?

Tell All Your Friends, because it started it all. 

What did it say about the band at the time?

It was a very honest representation of who we were at the time. It wasn't contrived or overthought. I'm still very proud of it.

What lessons were learnt that you've followed since then?

Don't overthink things. Continue to move forward no matter what.

Are there any growing pains stories you can share with us from this period? Especially since the band was exposed to fame at a relatively young age.

I think John and I leaving the band back in 2003 was a pretty big "growing pain". We experienced success far beyond anything we could have imagined.

It was a very difficult time but I'm glad it happened. When we rejoined the band in 2010, we had forged a bond that is pretty unbreakable.

How have the audiences changed over the years at your shows?

We've seen couples that met at our shows in the early days get married then bring their children to shows. We are definitely seeing a pretty big range of ages at our shows now.

What were your favourite moments of your last Asia tour?

Asian shows are very special to us. The culture outside the shows can feel very different from the US.  The shows are very similar though. It really shows that music is universal. Asian crowds have a great energy and are so kind and welcoming.

What can fans expect at the upcoming 20th anniversary one?

We will play a lot of songs from the early albums. We feel very lucky to be able to do this for as long as we have. These shows are a celebration!

Taking Back Sunday will be performing at The Pavilion @ Far East Square on January 19th. Tickets available here.


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