Dylan Sprouse just ripped into Jared Leto for hitting on young models via Twitter

17 May 2018

Dylan Sprouse is not here for creepy DM sliding.

The 25-year-old brother of Riverdale babe Dylan Sprouse has taken to Twitter to call out actor Jared Leto for allegedly hitting on young models via Twitter!

"Yo @JaredLeto now that you've slid into the dm's of every female model aged 18-25, what would you say your success rate is?" Sprouse wrote.

It's unclear what prompted Dylan to throw shade, but it looks like he's not the only one who thinks Jared needs to chill on the creeping.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn responded to Dylan by tweeting: "He starts at 18 on the Internet?" insinuating that Jared also hits on young girls IRL.

It's not the first time Gunn has called Jared our for hitting on underage girls. In 2015, he apologised for an "Ambien-fueled" Periscope where he made the same claims against the 46-year-old actor.

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No word from Jared on the negative comments...but we're guessing he won't be chilling with Dylan or James anytime soon.


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