You're probably pronouncing all these fashion designer names wrong. AWKWARD MUCH

19 May 2017
We Asians are all about that fashion game. We dress up for school for no reason and we love it and AIN'T SORRY BRUH!

That's why, nailing your FASHION talk is of the utmost importance!

The Mercendes-Benz fashion week is in full swing right now and is there anything more mortifying than not knowing how to pronounce and screw the name of a designer at their OWN show?

We think not.

So, here are 19 fashion designer names you're most likely pronouncing wrong and will make you go OH. I SEE. Courtesy of Babbel.

1. Balmain


2. Christian Lacroix

"Kris-tee-an Lah-kwah"

3. Christian Louboutin

"Kris-tee-an Loo-boo-tan"

4. Givenchy


5. Hervé Leger

"Air-vay Lay-jehr"

6. Jean-Paul Gaultier

"Jzhon-Paul Go-tee-ay"

7. Lanvin


8. Thierry Mugler

"Tee-air-ree Mew-glair"

9. Giambattista Valli

"Gee-am-bah-tee-sta Vah-lee"

10. Miuccia Prada

"Mew-cha Prah-da"

We've got your back, girl!

Tag that one friend who mispronounces all these words on our Facebook & Twitter! Don't laugh at them, give your homies a chance. <3

All images from Giphy. Show some love fam.

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