Learning about LiSA: the indie rock frontwoman turned J-pop star

4 July 2018

10 years ago, a bright-eyed girl named Risa Oribe, fresh off of high school and the breakup of her first band Chucky, packed her bags for the big city of Tokyo.

In 2018, Risa, now publicly known as LiSA — adapted from the name of her second band, which means Love is Same All — is a bonafide pop star, with a prolific body of work that includes anime theme songs and even a role in the Japanese dub of Minions.

But while LiSA has been a prominent face in the sparkling world of J-pop, she's remained fairly elusive, and her upcoming tour was the perfect chance for us to get to know the sanguine 31-year-old singer.

Here's a brief conversation we had with LiSA, and you can catch her on July 21st at Zepp@BigBox Singapore, as part of her ongoing LiVE is Smile Always tour.

Hi LiSA! How are you?

Hi MTV Asia! I'm good, thank you!!

You have an Asian tour coming up. Tell us about how you feel, and what fans can expect from it!

It's been a while since I've performed in Singapore so I'm really looking forward to it.

This tour is also to celebrate the release of my first compilation album, so I'll be singing a lot of hit songs, including many anime theme songs. Please look forward to it!

How do you prepare yourself before every show on tour? Vocal warmups? Random pre-show rituals?

Actually before all my shows, I always make sure to warm-up my body! So, in Japan, before every show I have to cycle on a bike machine for five minutes and make sure I'm in shape.

What does your latest single 'Thrill, Risk, Heartless' mean to you?

For me, the song is about how everything in life, including your own destiny, is your own choice, and shooting down all obstacles to keep moving forward.

What would you like to say to your fans in Asia?

I've released a best album! I'm so happy to be able to go tour Asia at this timing and see everyone who has been waiting.

I'll be bringing many songs that I love, and want to enjoy them with everyone together. I can't wait! Today's another great day!

We have two pairs of tickets to giveaway for LiSA's upcoming concert in Singapore.

All you have to do is to enter the contest on our Instagram page. Entries closed on July 16th, 12pm. Full terms & conditions apply.


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