MTV Asks: Is Nik Qistina A Jedi Or A Sith? Watch As She Answers Fan Questions!

4 August 2017
#NQYOUNGHEARTS! We know you guys have been waiting sooooooo long for this, but the wait is finally over! We are back with your questions for Nik Qistina, ANSWERED!

If you were just there for Nik Qistina's meet & greet (Friday, 4 Aug), you should know that she absolutely dotes on her fans and her charming personality is what makes us all love her to the core!

So... What's the ONE SUSHI she could eat all her life (question by @raziq_zarfan from Instagram), here's what she has to say!

MTV Asks: Nik Qistina Answers Fan Questions & Her All-Time Fav Sushi!

Naww Qistina is charming isn't she? Anyhoo, here are more answers to your burning questions for the lovely Nik Qistina below!

1. Who is your favourite artist that you look up to that inspires you to be the best everyday?
@ayumsrah via Instagram

I would say Beyonce and Rihanna! They only compete with themselves, and they will never see anyone as their competition as they know that in life, the only person you have is yourself. And in order to be yourself, you have to work on yourself and love yourself. They really inspire me!

2) Do pineapples belong on pizzas? (Whatever your answer is, love you still tho.)
@aliaaahrizal via Instagram

Yes! I do think pineapples belong to pizza! Actually, I don't really mind, i love them both!

3) Rebel or the empire? Jedi or Sith?
@fizxni_ahmxd via Instagram

The Empire and the Sith for the rest of my life!!!!!

4) Do you have any plans to release a new song? If yes, when and what will the song be about?
@ieyzahhashim via Instagram

If you guys don't already know, I've just released a stripped version of 'Young Hearts' on April! Darren Espanto and I have been working together and i've been featured on his song, 'My Baby And Me'. Don't forget to follow our Instagram and Facebook to be updated!

5) Batman or Superman?
@geraltnotofrivia via Instagram

Batman it is!

Qistina, you are inspirational too! With her stunningly soulful voice, we just know that she's gonna be the next big thing!

Brb, listening to 'Young Hearts' right now and it's been on repeat.


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