NCT Is Starting Their 2018 Comeback With Their Biggest Lineup Ever

22 February 2018

Super Junior's numbers may have dwindled over the years, but there's a new boyband that is ready to take on the stage!

When NCT announced that 2018 was going to be their biggest comeback, they weren't kidding. The boyband doesn't have a fixed number of members, which means that they can keep growing. Of course they don't all perform on stage at the same time – the boys are divided into sub-units.

For the first time ever, we're going to see NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream unite for a group album. We never thought this day would come! There's going to be a total of 18 members taking the stage at the same time. Eighteen!

Adding to our excitement is that they'll be joined by three new members! S.M. Rookies JUNGWOO, LUCAS and KUN will finally be making their official debut after months of appearing as backup dancers in music videos by other SM artists. The three trainees are not that new to fans, having appeared as part of SM Rookies just like their NCT seniors and Red Velvet.

Check out all 18 of the members in these two teasers that SM has dropped in anticipation of their upcoming album.

You can spend all day just reveling in those piercing gazes.

Need more of the boys? You can watch this rerun of their recent Naver 'V' broadcast, where JUNGWOO, LUCAS and KUN greet their fans for the first time. It's so cute to see JOHNNY, DOYOUNG and all the other sunbaes showing their love for the newbies.

The boys also shared deets on shooting their first ever photobook, "2018 NCT Yearbook", which was released as a two-part visual teaser. MARK was super embarrassed seeing himself on screen, but we would never have guessed it from his charismatic persona. DOYOUNG also dropped the best news for NCTzens: the NCT Yearbook will be a yearly thing! NCT generation is on a roll.

We don't have to wait long as their next album, NCT 2018, is going to drop in March, but all this anticipation is just killing us. How pumped are you for their comeback? 

– Michelle Ng


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