Dave Grohl Dedicated A Bunch Of Songs To Taylor Swift After Admitting He’s ‘Obsessed’ With Her

26 May 2015
Taylor Swift is such an insanely famous superstar that it’s safe to say her days as an opening act are long gone, right?

Ehh, maybe not so much.

Tay took a quick break from her 1989 World Tour to perform at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich, England on Sunday (May 24), where she took the main stage right before the night’s headlining act, Foo Fighters.

Clearly recognizing the rarity of performing AFTER Taylor, Foos frontman Dave Grohl let his inner fangirl run free when he gushed over the 25-year-old, admitting he’s “obsessed” with her.

Before launching into “Congregation” from the Foos’ latest album, Sonic Highways, Grohl revealed the song was written in Nashville, Taylor’s old stomping grounds.

“I’m officially obsessed — she might want to get a restraining order,” he joked to the crowd. “I’m all about Swift. I’m going to dedicate this song to Taylor Swift, how about that? This one goes out to my opening band, Taylor Swift.”

Lest you think Grohl was just kidding around with his Swiftie obsession, he went on to dedicate two more songs to Taylor that night, which undoubtedly earned him the “Dad of the Year” award.

“My kids would kill me if the found out (Swift was our opening act),” he told the crowd.

Aww, hopefully Dave and Taylor scored some face-to-face time backstage to bond over their mutual love of headbanging, or whatever else they would talk about. It’s just too bad they couldn’t kindle this friendship sooner — we would’ve love to see him kick some butt as “The Grohlinator” in her “Bad Blood” vid.

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