Meet the guy who pushes Shawn Mendes, Steve Aoki and Iggy Azalea to “Dare To Live”

8 February 2018

Rory Kramer is the visionary videographer behind the music videos for Justin Bieber's "I'll Show You", Avicii's "The Nights", Tori Kelly's "Should've Been Us", and a whole bunch of lyrics videos for The Chainsmokers. He's also a self-proclaimed "professional life liver" who now takes your favorite artists on some of the wildest stunts you've ever seen on MTV's Dare to Live.

On Dare to Live, now airing on MTV Asia, Shawn Mendes hangs with sumo wrestlers, The Chainsmokers take an extreme slip-and-slide adventure, Steve Aoki swims with sharks, and Khalid gets down and dirty on a mud obstacle course.

Meet the artists about to be shook in Dare To Live!

Oh, and Iggy Azalea jumps into a legit airplane and simulates a dog fight a few thousand feet in the air. No big deal.

How is Rory Kramer able to get them to go on all these crazy adventures? Simple – all he does is give them a dare to live without limits, like he does. The thrill-seeking videographer fought off a serious case of depression by embracing life and ignoring all boundaries, and now Rory's getting all his famous friends in on the act. Here's what he has to say about all the epic stuff they've done so far on Dare to Live:

Share your three most epic moments while filming the show.

Swimming with sharks w/ Steve Aoki.

Wrecking the car from The Chainsmokers episode between one of the scenes – I accidentally put it into a ditch doing a J-turn. We ended up in the ditch and it was one of the few moments where none of the cameras were rolling.

Spending the day with Rae Sremmurd, who are hysterical… just their lingo and their style. But at the same time, they're so down to earth which is what makes them so unique. I'd say those guys are pretty funny.

What stresses artists out?

Pleasing themselves with the art that they've created and being able to think that their music is good enough. A lot of people want that hit, so they put pressure on themselves. I think that's the main thing.

Out of 8 episodes, just 1 (Japan, with Shawn Mendes) was shot outside the US. Tell us about it.

When the opportunity came about, we wanted to do one episode outside of the country because that's pretty much all we had budget for. I wanted the guest artist to have a big following out of the country. I've been to Japan several times and every time I've been there, it's been such an amazing experience and the people are so incredible there. They're one of the first countries that saw my work/my YouTube video so it's cool to go to a place where people also know me.


UP TO NO GOOD. @shawnmendes 📷: @chrisyoder

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Any memorable nuggets of advice you got from artists on the show?

Yeah, I learned a lot from Shawn Mendes. He's so much younger than I am but he had a lot of wisdom and just seeing how much knowledge he had obtained reminded me that age is just a number. I'd like to think that I taught him some life lessons as well.

What was the most WTF moment while filming the show?

Shooting that episode with The Chainsmokers back home. It was so surreal to see how far I've come and to be back in Indiana where I grew up, to see friends and family back home who are really important to me, and to see how much I actually haven't changed. It was also awesome to be able to put on a concert at my friend's bar.


Gonna be another fun weekend with my boys the @thechainsmokers

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Share three highlights from your travels in Asia

Getting in a car with complete strangers one night in Jakarta after the show.

First tour with The Chainsmokers… we were in Nagoya (or Osaka), and the guy that was supposed to take us to the airport never came, so when we called a new car we completely guessed which airport we were flying out of. It wasn't until we arrived at the airport front desk that we realized we picked the right one!

One night in Singapore, we stayed up all night making funny videos in the hotel room and we went up to the pool that looks like a cruise ship and watched the sunrise.

Any Asian artists who you're keen to work with?

The band BABYMETAL. They're awesome.

Which Southeast Asian places/countries would you take the show to?

Honestly, anywhere over in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, you name it!

Watch Rory and his buddies take on everything the world has to offer on MTV's Dare to Live every Monday at 8pm (SG/PH), 9pm (MY), 7pm (WIB) on MTV Asia, replaying Saturdays at 8:50pm (SG/PH), 9:50pm (MY), 7:50pm (WIB). You probably shouldn't try the crazy stuff they do at home, but you should definitely embrace the spirit of living life to the fullest. Check out the full artist schedule and sneak peeks at our Dare To Live showpage.

Or, as Rory would say, "Run it!"

Meet the host who Dares To Live: Rory, professional life liver


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