'Armpit creases' are a legit fear you can add to your list now

5 December 2017
Just when we thought we'd mastered the art of concealing our fripples, cameltoes, muffin tops, foundation lines and bacne, the weird world of Hollywood throws another spanner in the works. If you aren't sure what are those, maybe you should check with our BFF – urban dictionary!

Introducing, 'armpit vaginas,' a term first coined by Jennifer Lawrence. Ok. Yes they aren't LEGIT, but Gralmitophobia is a fear of armpits.

At the 2014 SAG awards, J-Law said, "I know I have armpit fat. It's OK. It's armpit vaginas," igniting an irrational fear of underarm creases in all of us.

...And according to A-list celeb stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, it's the most commonly complained about issue amongst her high profile clients.

We get that 'armpit vaginas' might seem like the end of the world for celebs when they're literally one wardrobe malfunction away from being taken down by the tabloids, but for us mere mortals, we DGAF!

Without an armpit vagina or two, raising your arm to hail a cab would be hella difficult. Ain't nobody got time to feel insecure about that!

Speaking of fears (and if armpit vajayjays aren't scary enough) – catch brand new episodes of Fear Factor every Tuesday at 8pm (SG/PH) 9pm (MAL) 7pm (WIB) on MTV Asia!

Here's a teaser on what's coming up TONIGHT (Tuesday, 5 Dec):


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