Cats have acne problems too – because nothing is purrfect

27 November 2017
Anyone who ever claimed that dogs are man's best friend has clearly never sat around the house comparing pimple sizes with their cat because felines can actually struggle with acne as much as humans do.

Even though every kitty out there is beautiful in their owner's eyes, the condition can take hold of a cat and cause them to develop some uncomfortable blackheads along the sides of their chin and lips.

As Refinery29 reported in their interview with Andrew Rosenberg from the Riverdale Veterinary Dermatology, your ball of fluff might be predisposed to having a series of monster breakouts or just be blighted by the occasional spot or two.

A brief consultation of PetMD (yes, animals have their very own version of WebMD) indicates that vets haven't concluded exactly why cats develop the red bumps on their faces. 

As the site points out, lacklustre grooming habits, poor exfoliation, stress, illness, and the use of plastic bowls are said to contribute to the condition, but - much as the case with humans - no direct cause is totally set is stone.

As for the way you can get your cat feeling pawsitively incredible again, the site recommends the use of medicated wipes, antispectic cleanser - and, if times get tough - topical antibiotic to be applied to the problem area.

Pet owners immediately took to Instagram under the hashtag #catacne to show their cats looking slightly less than picture perfect. The struggle has never been more real.

Sometimes in life both you and your cat need a face mask #catacne #furbabies

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So there it is. Undeniable proof that humans and cats have a bond forged from an equal love of lying around by the fire eating cream and a mutual hatred of developing massive zits.
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