Hong Jin-young Just Performed "Good Bye" in an Ostrich Pen Because Why Not?

13 February 2018

Korean trot singer Hong Jin-young, most popularly known for her 2015 single Cheer Up, has been taken to a lot of places in her career. After starting out as a member of SWAN, she's featured in several variety shows and reality shows, most recently starring in Sister's Slam Dunk. To celebrate Good Bye, her first single for 2018, she was taken somewhere most singers never really expect to go: inside an ostrich pen.

Jin-young performed the stunt as part of 1theK's OMG Live video series, where pop stars are taken to surprise locations—a disco full of senior citizens or a busy restaurant at mid-day—and film an impromptu music video. In the 32-year old singer's case, it was smack-dab in the middle of an ostrich farm.

Jin-young wasn't in any real danger, of course. The ostriches were being distracted with food throughout the performance, so there wasn't any risk of these massive birds running over and pecking at her. That didn't stop Jin-young from glancing back at them every now and then just to be safe, however, and it plays out hilariously in the video.

Her fans seemed to love the stunt, praising her extra-ness:

As for Jin-young herself? At the end of the video, she ponders, "What can I get from this? Why am I doing this in the ostrich farm?" It was all in good fun, though, and served to be another highlight in what's been an exciting career for her.

— Marco Sumayao


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