Watch: shocking af Fear Factor sneak peek of contestants on an electric chair

24 December 2017
The next episode of Fear Factor is going to be shocking. Literally.

In a brand-new sneak peek, below, host Ludacris explains a challenge called Electric Chair; in it, one-half of each team will be strapped into -- well, duh -- an electric chair, their arms and legs restrained by locks. But interestingly, they're not the only ones in danger of high voltage.

As Luda reveals, each person's sweetheart -- this is a couples edition, after all -- needs to obtain keys that can pop the locks. The problem: Those keys are being kept behind a fence, and the boyfriend/girlfriend has to use a pole to fish them out. And since the pole and the fence are both metal...

Sneak Peek: Electric Chair

"If you hit the sides of this fence," Luda says, "you will be electrocuted."

The loved one in the chair, meanwhile, will be getting their share of electricity too. To find out what they have to endure (trust us, it's brutal), watch the clip. Then be sure to catch the episode Tuesday, 26 December at 8pm (SG/PH) 9pm (MAL) 7pm (WIB).

- Lance Debler

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