GLAY reckon you should listen to these Japanese bands, like, now

24 December 2017
This month has been WILD with GLAY as our Asia Spotlight act of the month!

GLAY is a Japanese rock band formed since 1988 and has sold an estimated of more than 50 million records; making them one of the top bands in Japan. You read it folks – they are HUGE.

Get to know: GLAY – Japan's top rock band!

We got to learn so much more about the band members – such as their hobby, the strangest member in the band, who exactly is pekomaru, and we've also witnessed some serious camaraderie between them.

But not only do they have a rock-solid friendship between themselves, they've built strong relationships with the other bands in the industry too. We aren't that bit of surprised at all since they've been making music for years, and an inspiration to many other bands and musicians. So what's their take on the Japanese music industry, and what's the scene like now? Here's what Takuro has to say:

TAKURO: "The music industry is part of society; music trends change with social shifts. We see the variation in preference of music. More people concentrate to dig in-depth, to know what they like more than before. People used to listen to the same music, but not anymore. I see some musicians struggling, changing their music style against their will, to be liked by a larger group of people. We, GLAY, try not to care about this too much. We seek to do what makes us feel good."


GLAY is getting us hooked on J-rock! Here are more Japanese bands GLAY reckon we should check it out – in their own words!


"KISHIDAN is the band that represents Japanese Badass culture. You don't have to actually listen to their music *laughs*. You'll have fun watching them!"


"One of our friends. You'd better listen!"


"GLAY's old friends from the same home, and we are the same generation. She's the Japanese Björk!"

The Pillows

"We recommend our "Senpai" (senior) band that we respect. We'd love to tour overseas with them. It's gonna be fun!"

Watch ALL clips of our Asia Spotlight artist of the month - GLAY!

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