8 Times M83 Sent Us On A Cosmic-Feels Trip

23 May 2016
Experiencing M83 live in concert is like strapping yourselves onto a rocket, blasting off on a joyride into space and orbiting around the vast galaxies of stars. Grandiose and majestic, it’s truly a spectacle like no other.

Credit: Alvin Ho/Laneway Presents

The French electronic music maestros made their long-awaited return to Singapore last Thursday and together with opening act, .gif, they gave the 2,000-strong crowd a night they’ll never forget.

Credit: Aloysius Lim/Laneway Presents

Playing both fresh tunes from new album Junk and several crowd favourites, let us look back at the awe-inducing moments that sent so many fans into a dazzling space odyssey at The Coliseum...

#1. When they opened the set with the party-friendly, “Reunion” and we knew at once that all our cosmic dreams were about to come true.

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#2. Simply electric! The vivid light show was one of the best parts of the night and it elevated the extra-terrestrial-space-funk-celestial vibe of M83 to a whole new level.

Just so you know, #M83's show was insane.

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#3. That moment when the anthemic sounds of “Midnight City” came on and wrapped the crowd up in its spellbinding twilight.

#4. When the 80’s inspired “Do It, Try It” suddenly gave everyone the inexplicable urge to dance on repeat.

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#5. Feeling pumped up just by watching bassist Jordan “J Laser” Lawlor bringing the thunder on stage, looking every inch like he was born to do this.

#6. New vocalist, Kaela Sinclair made an immediate impression with her fiery red hair, but it was her soaring vocals that got our skin tingling and made us want to listen to her on loop forever.

That voice cures any Monday blues.. It's going to be a great week. =)

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#7. There’s just something mysteriously sexy about a saxophonist. Heartstrings were tugged, every single time sax symbol, Ian Young veered off on one of his sensual solos.

Sexie saxophone guy 😍

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#8. Their dreamy rendition of “Wait” made us all close our eyes and think back to those lazy starry nights chilling with bae.

Hurry Up, We're Dreaming #m83

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Thank you for a spectacular show, M83. Please don’t make us wait another four years before we see you again!

Credit: Aloysius Lim/Laneway Presents

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