Alessia Cara Says Troye Sivan's Version of 'Here' Sounds 'Cooler' Than Hers

3 March 2016
We’ve long considered Alessia Cara a reigning master of cover songs. From her Taylor-Swift approved version of “Bad Blood” to her stripped-down takes on “Hotline Bling,” “Same Old Love,” and just about every other one of your favorite pop songs, there’s seemingly nothing she can’t expertly reinvent.

But now the tables have turned and Alessia has found herself as the cover-ee instead of the cover-er, thanks to Troye Sivan.

Hot off the heels of dropping his new “Youth” video, Troye visited The Elvis Duran Morning Show on Wednesday to put his own spin on Alessia’s breakout hit “Here.” His version sounds slower than the original, and becomes less a rallying cry and more a brooding inner monologue. But he shakes off the melancholiness by the end of the song, dancing around loosely as he repeats, “I can’t wait to break up out of here.”

Clearly a fan of the cover, Alessia left a comment on the video, writing, “when troye sounds cooler singing ur song than u.” She later tweeted that the Aussie singer-songwriter is a “gem” — no argument there.

This isn’t the first time Troye’s tried his hand at Alessia’s loner anthem. Last month, he covered “Here” during a live performance at the iHeartRadio Honda Stage, explaining why he’s a huge Alessia fan.

“I am like super super obsessed with Alessia Cara,” he told the crowd. “There are a lot of lyrics in this song. I feel like Alessia needs to give me vocal lessons on how to breathe, like how does she even [do this]. It’s like a rap song! She’s probably going to be a rapper in a future life.”

Sooo, clearly these two need to collaborate now, right? Let’s make it happen.

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